Egis Ce Asc (2019) - to be released September 2019!

Egis Ce Asc is a solo piece for pipeorgan and is a calibration of the human ear. Across 6 movements the listener is presented to a series of sonic plateauxs which ascend from the low range to the high range frequency spectrum, and in many ways Egis Ce Asc is thought out to be a sine sweep for the human ear.

The title refeers to the major third intervals between E - G#, C -E and Ab - C which in Danish are pronounced Egis Ce Asc.

Løkkegaard holds a special interest in the major third due to the keyposition of this interval within western music. The major third is thought to be a "natural"  interval but is in fact artificially high pitched within the tempered tuning of western music, and by playing only major thirds - the ear starts to listen in and capture the low differentialtones the upper partials and so on - tones which are all interfering with eachother.

A major third is not just a major third - it´s a microcosmos - and the normativity ot the major third is exposed.

Egis Ce Asc is released as a limited edtion triple vinylbox (released in 100 ex.) containing a 12" + 10" + 7" record - each representing a frequency spectrum.

Due to the long wawelenght of the lower frequencies it takes up more space when cut to vinyl and therefore the 12" presents the low range frequencies, the 10"  - mid range frequencies and the 7"  -  high range frequencies

The physics of sound becomes visible as Moiré patterns embedded within the vinyl record appear.

12" vinyl - Low range

Egis 1 

ƒ̥=  81 & 102 Hz  

Duration: 20 minuts

Egis 2

ƒ̥=  162 & 204 Hz 

Duration: 20 minuts

10" vinyl - Mid range

Ce 1

ƒ̥= 258 & 324 Hz 

Duration: 10 minuts

Ce 2

ƒ̥= 516 & 648 Hz 

Duration: 10 minuts

7" vinyl - High range

Asc 1

ƒ̥= 816 & 1032 Hz 

Duration: 4 minuts

Asc 2

ƒ̥= 1632 & 2064 Hz 

Duration: 4 minuts