SOUND X SOUND is a series of works where each composition is an exploration of one single instrument that is multiplied.


The works of the SOUND X SOUND series are released as a 7x7 ¨ vinylboxset. The series consists of the following 7 compositions:


SOUND X SOUND - Music for 8 Recorders, 2014

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 30 Chromatic tuners, 2015

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 9 Pianos, 2015

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 15 Shakers, 2016

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 18 Clarinets, 2016

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 16 Triangles, 2016

SOUND X SOUND - Music for 10 Hi-hats, 2016


The aim is to get the instruments to exceed their own familiar sound and the sonic norms embedded within the instrument, and multiplying does exactly that. The sound of the individual instrument and the individual musician is dissolved and reappears in another form.


Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard explains the concept of this sound as follows:


“Imagine you enter a room with vibrant acoustics, such as a cafe full of people having conversations, and when you’re close to those conversations you hear the language and understand the words. If you step away from the tables, however, and stand in the doorway, you begin to loose the ability to distinguish the words from one another. Now instead of hearing the individual conversations, melts all the conversations together, and transform into a one new sound. A sound of people without words and language. Just as when you hear a group of geese squawk, or the wind in tree tops, a kind of nature given sound of people. Once the language is dissolved and the words stop making sense, what is left, is the sound. Clean, free of meaning and open to all ears."


The SOUND X SOUND series is supported by the Danish Art Foundation.