Anthology of Sound (2020)

The Anthology of Sound inhabits multiple states at the same time - as the sounds described in text are in constant fluctuation between alphabet, sign, word, language and meaning - & between the state of a book, a score, written text, and imaginary music. 

463 pages all in all.

A fluctuation very similar to that of the superpostion found in quantum mechanics.

Just as warm plasma within a supercollider would burn and collaps if it ever were to leave the magnetic field and touch the walls of the collider - so would the Anthology of Sound.

Anthology of Sound is hovering within a magnetic field - oscillating between the different artistic discourses and if the work were to be approached from one position only it would close in on itself.

While this project refuses to place itself witin a certain context or artistic discourse - it is the very existence of these contexts and artistic discourses that makes the artistic outcome of this project behaving like plasma

The systems which the project seeks to escape are the same systems which makes this project possible.

Anthology of Sound consists of 4 parts:


Sound in space

Sounds in time


Anthology of Sound is released by Topos in a limitited edtion of 100 canvas bindings.