Birdsongs (2019)


Feedback study for parabolic microphones which can be performed by all.

Usually the parabolic microphone is used by birdwatchers to listen in on birds and they calls. However in Birdsongs the parabolic microphone is used as a feedback system, generating artificial birdlike sounds. In the middle of the 6th mass extinction and the increasing absence of birds and hence the sound of birds  - Birdsongs is a modern take on the HC Andersen fairytail about the artificial Nightingale.

In a quantum mechnical perspective Birdsongs deals with the observer effect; the theory that the mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes that phenomenon. 

The notion of the "pure" nature in itself is changed by the mere prensence of human beeings (especially in the West)  bleeds and feeds back into everything that surrounds us.

Birdsongs was commissioned by the Bloom festival - a Copenhagen based festival for science and art.

All pictures by Malte Ivarsson - all rights reserved.