Disruptions (2016) was commissioned by the Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet and is a compostion for soprano, alto, tenor and barytone saxophone + 4 floor fans.


Being educated as a saxophonist (in 2005) Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard had, like most other saxophonists, spent many hours of studying the overtone exercises of Sigurd Raschér.

Usually the Sigurd Raschér exercises is seen as a way to improve the sound of the saxophone and the exercises as such, is usually not considered to be more than a mere exercise.


Disruptions is a composition that investigates the Sigurd Raschér exercises as a sonic material in it´s own right, and the compositions therefore only consists of these exercises played over and over again, while the sound of the saxophones is disrupted up by the floor fans.