Kristklangen (2019)

Kristklangen  was commissioned by the Rued Langgaard Festival and was premiered on September 6+7th 2019 in Ribe, Denmark.
Kristklangen (The Christ Chord) is a 24 hour long compostiion & installation for 9 oscillators. During the 24 hours the oscillators goes into synthesis with 2 church organs (Kristklangen II) & Choir (Kristklangen III). 

The Work has the nine-note final chord from Rued Langgaards Music of the spheres as its starting point, the chord which Langgaard called Christ.

Via 9 oscillators, placed in the ruins of Kannikegården, transmissions are made to monitors on the Cathedral square and inside the cathedral itself.

Every hour on the hour until Saturday 7th at 10 p.m. the work would enter a new phase activated live by Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard.

Kristklangen consists of 3 parts:

Kristklangen I - 9 oscillators

Kristklangen II - synthesis for 9 oscillators & 2 church organs

Kristklangen III - finale for 9 oscillators & choir (9 soprano singers)

Photos by Folmer Iversen