Nemorial (2021-)

Nemorial is a monument to the Danish welfare state and at the same time a monument to Nemo; None.

Nemorial is a monument to the ultra personal and at the same time completely anonymous NemID key card which will be phased out in 2021.

Nemorial is a monument commemorating a digital and analogue infrastructure that simultaneously contains both the private and the public and like NemID itself, Nemorial manifests itself in both a digital and an analogue form - a digital Nemorial and a physical ditto.

The Digital Nemorial; a Nemorial wall was unveiled on January 15, 2021 and this digital monument can be experienced at:

By donating your used NemID key card, you can become part of and the physical Nemorial, which will later be built somewhere in Denmark.

If you want to donate your NemID key card please send me a mail.