Soundpark at Rønnebæksholm (2021)

Just outside the Danish town of Næstved lies Rønnebæksholm, a kunsthal for contemporary art in a distinctive manor in historical natural surroundings.

Today at Rønnebæksholm the manor’s storied history acts as a basis for the critical exploration of contemporary society and culture through art exhibitions, residencies and public cultural events.

In the park of Rønnebæksholm it is possible to experience the Soundpark of Rønnebæksholm in which the history of the place is renegotiated in a joint work by author Ida Marie Hede, and sound artists Anders Mathiasen and Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard.

The music of the soundpark was recorded in the manors park during the pandemic and was sung by local choirs in a very slow tempo creating ruptures in the material. In the soundpark the recordings is played back through listening stations at the exact same treee by which they were recorded, using the old trees as sitespecfic anchors catapulting the listener back in time - oscillating between the present and the past history of the place.

The final result can be experienced by visiting the park and the website of Rønnebæksholm 

Here below you can listen to the recordings of the choirs